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About George Valentino

I was born in London Hospital in the 70's and was raised in East London, so I am an “East ender”; my Mum established a good reputation as a spiritualist, she was a specialist in palm, tea leaves and Tarot readings, it was a family tradition since the late 1800’s. Our house always had a spiritual energy flowing with incense, candles and readings were happening everyday. At 12 years old, I would practise 3 card Tarot readings with clients who were waiting there turn to see my Mother. I also developed a passion for music, my Father was a musician and I started to play drums at Greek weddings and parties from the age of 13. When I turned 17 I worked in the Greek Taverna “plate smashing scene”, I had an opportunity to practice my music and also my readings for different people. I became very popular with my readings and people would come back, not to smash plates but to have a reading.

On my 21st Birthday I launched on exclusive west London night clubs as a clairvoyant where I would read for celebrities, VIP’s and many other interesting people.

In 1997 I had a serious operation. This created a crisis in my life where I had to draw deeply on my spiritual resources. I came through this fire committed to sharing my insights and had to work from home giving online readings during recovery. I was able to support an increasing number of people through their own journeys by using the spiritual knowledge that ran richly through my family’s history.

The need for this operation and my subsequent journey of self-discovery also inspired me to focus on healing techniques. I rekindled an ancient colour therapy to enable aura, chakra balance and self connection. These techniques helped me to swiftly heal psychologically and physically, changing my life for the better. I now apply what I have learned from this experience to help others. Many people have been astounded with the results achieved.

“Although readings are important; spiritual guidance and self connection are essential!”